A Nocturne to Eutierria

In the incandescent glare of artificial light, the deafening roar of the anthrophony and the suffocation of earth smells, a universe of nocturnal experience is lost to us. We are blinded by the light, the sounds of life are silenced by decibels and the olfactory has been shut down. A whole cosmos of experience is sequestered from our eyes by a haze of glowing tungsten, cool neon, hot halogen and dazzling diodes that blind us with light. If it is not the cacophony of air conditioners, road and air traffic, it is the digital roar inside the earphones … cancelling out the symphony of nature. Dogs pity us when rich, earthly smells are lost as the stench of deodorants gets up our nostrils. To see the night, hear its sounds and smell its perfume excretions, we must avoid the knock out lights, clear our blocked noses and enter a place that is lit by the moon, given voice by ecophony and smell from the leaf  forest. The feeling of earthly oneness, the obliteration of the separation of the self from the other, is called ‘eutierria’ and is ‘a good earth feeling’. Within a state of eutierria the night is no longer a place of starless black holes, but a good darkness where the senses attune to the harmony of sights, sounds and smells of our earth and its universe.